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Afterlife Tours walking tours in beautiful, haunted Savannah, Georgia,

St. Augustine, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina feature ACTUAL video and audio recordings of paranormal activity.

The truth will haunt you, come see for yourself.


The Marshall House

If you would like to stay at a haunted hotel on your visit to Savannah, check out the Marshall House Hotel or one of their other haunted hotels for a ghostly experience.


    Footage from Afterlife Tours featured on A&E Biography's hit show​ "My Ghost Story Caught on Camera" in December 2012. "The team has also been featured onDestination America's "Paranormal Lockdown" with Nick Groff (formerly of the Ghost Adventures show), Travel Channel's "Haunted USA" and "Most Terrifying Places in America," and SyFy Channel's "Paranormal Witness," as well as many other networks.


    The group has their own series entitled “Spooky Town” which airs on WJCL ABC News and WTGS FOX News 28 with Frank Sulkowski.

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